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When you need parts, time is very often of the essence.

It is good that we hold the world's largest source of high-pressure equipment.

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For the Oil and gas industry

You expect premium performance

and a wide range of products. We can supply you with every­ thing from a single source.

we've been committed to creating highly-engaged

lifelong relationships between our MFR and clients

LSTE has become more than just a supplier

we're a people engage in providing solution to the clients problem By bringing together those in need of assistance for their emergency requirement with those who love to provide it.

About Us


Legend Star Trading Establishment (LSTE) is a well reputed, Saudi based general procurement company. We are a market driven leading supplier of industrial products providing value based sourcing support services to many industries, we serve the following sectors:
  • Industrial
  • Petrochemical / Rig
  • Power/Utility
  • Alloys & Metal
  • Research/University (Chemical & Lab Equipment & Supplies)
We operate from our office in Dammam Saudi Arabia and cover the target market. We offer our clients the benefit of our extensive trading experience as well as our strategic alliances with established and well reputed companies in all over the world. We are distributors of a wide range of industrial products and have the experience, resources and capability to source products from Korea, India, Japan, America & Europe.